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360 spherical panoramas

What is a virtual walk-through?

This is a form of multimedia presentation of an object or space in full 360-degree perspective, on its own axis, and 180 degrees in up-down plane, 100% interactive using an on-screen cursor. Thanks to such virtual tour, the viewer has the impression of being present in that location. The viewer also has full control when moving around objects, viewing in different directions and zooming in of any detail at any moment – thus being free to view whatever they find interesting.  This cutting-edge advertising solution is offered to sectors which need advertising on-line.



- The Inn @ Ballilogue Clochan

- Salt Health SPA

The Inn @ Ballilogue Clochan

Why is such presentation worth investing in?

There are many reasons. First of all, contrary to traditional, static images, the viewer has the opportunity to see more. They can experience the actual size of the rooms, which is very difficult to capture using ordinary photographs. Thanks to the virtual walk-through, any space can be viewed from anywhere on the globe and view the interior of, for example:
SPA salon / fitness club/health centre where the viewer wants to go;
an apartment, business premises or a house they want to purchase or rent;
a restaurant or a club they wish to visit;
a hotel at which they want to stay;
or even a plot of land in a remote location which the viewer wishes to see.

There are many possibilities – but what does our client gain by ordering such virtual walkthrough 3D?

First of all, the client gains valuable time, which they do not have to spend on meeting all the potential buyers who wish to view, for example, the apartment – as they can view the 360-degree presentation that is available 24/7. This way, the clients who arrange a meeting already know the location they want to discuss, and this way you do not waste time on people who are undecided, on visitors who do not know what they want.  Moreover, your web page gains a much more professional appearance and your company gains a more prestigious image and stands out from the competition. The 360-degrees panorama is therefore a great advertisement that really works and the best idea to attract new clients and increase the sales of services.

For whom are the 360-degree virtual tours?

The majority of clients look for modern marketing and advertising solutions:

  •  agencies and realtors developers

  •  hotels, motels, hostels, guest houses, lodging houses

  •  fitness clubs, SPA salons, beauty salons

  •  restaurants, coffee shops

  •  bars, clubs, discos

  •  travel agencies

  •  sports and leisure centres

  •  shopping centres and shops

  •  museums, palaces, galleries, public institutions

  •  schools and universities

  •  it is also possible to prepare panoramas of boat, car or other interiors.

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